Big Pre-op Appointment

Hi guys,

Well today’s the day. Ceci will be having scans done of her back, hips and neck in preparation for her Spinal Fusion Surgery.

Her Surgery is 20 days away and all our preparations are continuing.

Things are very stressful and emotional for us all but especially our fighter-Ceci.

She has not been feeling well since Monday and there’s real concern that she may be fighting another UTI 😞

Most of you know that with the diagnosis of Spina Bifida Ceci also has Neurogenic bladder and relies on around the clock catherization to fully empty her bladderand try to prevent these types of infections.

For our sweet girl this has been an ongoing struggle. She’s become so resistant to antibiotics over the years and her prophylactic medications have been failing us as well.

Our go to iv antibiotic- Vancomycin that worked wonders for years is no longer an option. Ceci developed an awful allergic reaction to this so we’ve been using others in its place.

We’re waiting on urine culture results again and should know what’s going on by tomorrow. She’s been out of school all week feeling awful so I’m hoping for answers soon.

Good news is that she tested negative for influenza and strep. That’s a big relief since we are getting closer to surgery day.

Ceci and the boys all had Influenza A a month ago and it hit the house hard so im grateful that we avoided Influenza B.

Please continue to pray for sis to feel better and for the courage to continue to have that beautiful smile that she always has on her face.

I’ll update again later this evening .

Be back soon.

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Ceci and family

~Spina Bifida Fighters & Survivor~

P.s.- I’ll be responding to all our emails shortly 🙂