Good Day and Then

Good morning dearest friends 😊

I can’t believe it’s already Friday. One thing that seems uncontrollable when your a patient in the hospital, and a parent fighting right by their side is the time.

We lose hours as well as days. I think that’s why the hospital rooms have the patient boards. So they can at least write the date down to remind us that the world is continuing- even though we feel like it’s stopped.

We are getting ceci cleaned up a little this morning and we are patiently waiting for O.R. transport to come grab us and take us down to the surgical waiting area.

Ceci’s ready to get this procedure out of the way and get some sleepy time meds to drift off and take a good nap. She’s so funny. She said she always sleeps so well when she has surgery. Makes her feel refreshed.

I can’t wait until we know more about the plan. We aren’t rushing anything but I know it would mean alot to Ceci and our family to all be together for Easter Sunday.

The boys are worried that this will be the 1st Easter we will be apart, but I told them to keep the faith. God is working on healing for Ceci ❀

Yesterday was a better day for sis.

Her uncle Mike came up to visit and they had a WII marathon and then a checkers championship.

It was so good to see her smile and although she was having coughing attacks after each laugh, we got to hear that wonderful sound again.

Everything was going great. We even went 8 hours with just Motrin.

But then something unexpected happened.

Ceci was exhausted and ready for bed. Me and the nurse were changing her wound dressings and getting her even medications together when ceci lunged over sobbing.

She started complaining that her stomach hurt really bad. Of course we figured it was her side again but it wasn’t.

She had pain that she rated as an 8 in the center of her abdomen to the opposite side of her wound.

It continued for 10 minutes to peds surgery was called bedside.

At midnight they ordered xrays and another dose of Norco to help her sleep.

We aren’t sure what in the heck caused the pain last night. But she’s much better this morning.

We didn’t hear results as of yet but they have ordered repeat scans in the operating room today. So if it’s something new they’ll catch it.

It was very odd πŸ€”

Well guys we finally got a set of Uno cards so we are going to play a few games before she heads down.

Please pray hard for nothing but good news for sissy during this surgery and the most important part- that she will not have an adverse reactions from the anesthesia today.

With her having influenza last week, this is a big concern.

We’ll all be praying together πŸ₯°

Update after surgery.

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Ceci and our family

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor~

2 thoughts on “Good Day and Then

  1. Valerie Kretchmer April 12, 2019 / 10:14 am

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all πŸ™β€οΈ πŸ€—


    Your pageant family

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shelley lunsford April 12, 2019 / 9:54 am

    it is so hard to be mama w/a suffering child and unable to help. it is torture. God, i am so sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

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