This brave girl has grown so much 💜

This was Ceci at age 5. She was such a tiny little thing. She’s always enjoyed dying Easter eggs and making Easter cookies.

We hope that we’re home before Sunday, so we can do some of these traditions. We can’t wait to be back home with our boys.

This unexpected hospital stay has been an adventure!

Ceci is getting Stronger

Good afternoon dear friends and thank you for stopping back by, to check on ceci.

I’m happy to say Ceci is doing much better today 😁

She’s doing so much better, that I may be able to take her home today or tomorrow to continue recovering at home!

She still has a bit of recovering to do, but we all believe that she’d heal faster at home, in her own bed and of surrounded by family and friends.

I need to consult with wound care management to get all the supplies she needs and to also get the all clear from them, that I am able to manage this.

We are also working on getting some new medical equipment delivered to the house to help me care for her a little easier 😌

We’re so excited that she may get to come home!!!

Especially Ceci’s little brothers. They have missed sis tremendously.

Grandma Cindy came up yesterday to stay the night and I drove back home to spend time with our boys.

Goodness how much I’ve missed them!

We spent the day cuddling and relaxing. It also gave me time to wash Ceci’s blanket and my clothes.

Later on Ceci’s older brother Mikey came to visit and him and his sweet girlfriend Kristina kept an eye on the little guys so that me and dad could get some Easter shopping done.

Really helped us out ❤

When I drove home yesterday, I never expected I would have to do it in a winter storm.

This weather! It’s so up and down.

The first 35 minutes of my drive was pretty scary. Cars in ditches, some white out conditions and I was only able to do 48 mph for a bit.

Then when I was about 20 minutes away from home, the temperature rose about 20 degrees and there was not one snowflake in sight 😌

Ceci’s recieved lots of cheer mail today.

We want to see thank you so much to everyone that continues to send her E-cards. It makes her feel so special ❤

We also want to say a big thank you to her wonderful teachers, nurse and friends at school for thinking about sis.

Ceci loved all the cards and letters.

Thank you for sending her cheer 💜

Another big shout out to my sweet co-workers and friends.

They gifted us each a tote of goodies to help keep us busy and distracted during our time inpatient.

They were full of goodies from magazines to snacks.

Ceci loves everything 😁 and so did I. You guys rock. Thank you ❤

Well it’s lunch time, but we’ll be back soon.

We hope everyone’s having a good day!

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis and ceci

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~