Thank Yous

Ceci wants to send a huge thank you shout out to my wonderful co-workers and friends at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood center, for the amazing Get Well basket of goodies and the sweet card ❀

She loves everything! It was absolutely perfect and it meant alot to her. Thank you guys πŸ’—

Ceci wants to send another big thank you shout out to our sweet friend miss Roberta Beach for sending her these awesome water proof Uno Cards.

Uno is her favorite game to play to pass the time in the hospital.

Usually our great friends in the Child Life department can track a set down for us to play but the hospital was fresh out. So sis had me going to all the gift shops in the hospital looking for a deck.

She’s so excited about these because they are water proof 😁 Ceci already has plans to play with them in our swimming pool this summer.

Thank you Roberta ❀

Another big shout out to our sweet friend April Crook for sending sis this cute Get Well card ❀

It really makes her day getting mail and your note made her smile.

She loved the quote as well.

Thank you April ❀

Our family has another big thank you shout out to send out.

We want to thank some very dear friends of ours – the Stockdale family πŸ’œ

Ceci’s sweet friend Mary and her momma did some much needed shopping at Costco for us, the evening Ceci got home.

They delivered some home supplies that we needed, since I have not had a chance to shop in weeks.

The haul included disinfecting wipes (we needed badly), disinfecting sprays, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels and some yummy goodies for the kids.

Really meant alot since getting out of the house is hard for me to do right now.

Thank you so much dear friends πŸ’œ

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