Such Kindness ❤

Truly we are blessed 💜

Ceci received a sweet care package today in the mail that has her all Smiles 🥰

Such a beautiful bracelet and so special.
Ceci adores her new blanket 😁 She voiced that its so soft and she loves the design.

Thank you for surprising her with these special things Nana Juanita.

A huge, huge thank you to her Auntie Kathleen for surprising Ceci with this folding electric portable wheelchair 🥰🥰🥰

Hehehe 😁 she snuck on LetGo and found the one someone had for sell, that we’ve been keeping an eye on and surprised our girl at home.

It’s so wonderful to have this back up chair for ceci.

Now while Ceci’s powerchair is in the shop getting worked on, she’ll have a chair to use. And when we don’t have the wheelchair van available to transport her power chair we can fold up this electric chair and put it in the trunk of a car and have another way to transport ceci, all while still having an electric chair for her to use.

It makes me so happy that she finally has a back up chair 😁 Thank you so much Auntie!!!

This is an amazing piece of equipment for ceci to have.

Thank you for always looking out for sis and for our family ❤

We want to also say thank you so very much to our friends, supporters and followers that have been spreading and sharing Ceci’s GoFundMe campaign, that we started back in April to help support Ceci and our Family during this difficult time.

Your shares on social media help tremendously.

We have had some gifts of support coming through ceci’s campaign and we can’t thank this kindness enough 💜

Thank you so very much to Gary F. and Shirley S. This will help very much with travel expenses in the next weeks.

We also want to send a big thank you to our friend Brad and his family for helping take some of the stress away from our family, while we prepare to separate again- by shopping for the kids school supplies 😁

This helped very much and I believe it helped with my sanity too LOL.

Thank you again Brad!!!

Thank you all, for being a part of Ceci’s Courage Crew 💜

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Cecilia Marie and our special little family

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor~