Saying our Goodbyes

Very true 💜

Faith is what has keep us going through this all. Without faith in our Lord’s ways, I’m not sure we could have made it.

Ceci knows and trusts in his love. And I still believe to this day, that God brought this sweet girl into my life to save me. She’s been my flashlight through some of my darkest times. I love this girl so very much 🥰

This weekend was a good weekend for our family.

We spent a lot of time with family and friends, preparing to say goodbye for a little bit.

Ceci had a slumber party on Thursday night, which helped take her mind away from everything and enjoy just being a bubbly teenage girl.

The girls swam, laid on the trampoline laughing quite a bit, devoured a mound of junk food and finally passed out well over midnight 😁

She was missing one of her besties because she was out of town and another because she was away at camp, but spending girl time with the others was still a ton of fun.

Ceci has one of the best groups of friends and I’m very grateful as a mother for that.

She has so much support from her amazing group of friends and I’m blessed as well for their mothers.

These wonderful woman have been there for me and our family as well. So I just want to say thank you. You ladies know who you are 🤗

Tomorrow we are going to be leaving around 4pm to head to Peoria to stay the night.

We have to be at admitting in the hospital at 5am for check in, so getting sis up at 245-3am to get ready for a drive is not doable.

I just finished packing our things up and have a few things to do before I try to get some rest.

Ceci is watching Stranger Things in bed and spending time with her little brothers.

Earlier I made cupcakes and ceci’s older brother mikey and his sweet girlfriend or as ceci calls her 😁- future sister Kristina, came by with Ceci’s little heart- Maxten her nephew.

She spent the last few hours playing with little man and holding him. It always makes her so happy seeing him.

Well guys I’d like to share more but I want to finish up and lay down before it gets too late.

I still have a ton to do before me and ceci hit the road.

We hope that everyone’s resting well tonight and had a wonderful weekend.

Be back soon.

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Cecilia Marie and our sweet family

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~