Today has Been Too Much

Sweet girl is struggling to stay awake today.

She’s only been awake for about 3 hours of the entire day and is sleeping hard as I write this now.

She’s very tired and wore down.

Our goal today was to get her sitting back up and in her back brace but she had a hard time staying awake, even during her bed bath.

We’ll pray that she rests soundly during the night and our repeated early morning pain episodes do not wake her once again.

Praying for a much better day tomorrow 💜

2 thoughts on “Today has Been Too Much

  1. Shayne Frankel August 2, 2019 / 10:17 pm

    Sleep long and restfully, beautiful Ceci (Mama too)! May tomorrow bring the return of your smiles and time to sit up and enjoy your new “outlook” on the world from a straightened body! Loving hugs! Shayne

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