Day 19 and Fighting Strong

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for checking on Ceci and our family šŸ’œ

Today’s going well. Ceci had a much better morning than the past few days and we’re very grateful for that.

It has been some trying days but we know with time the pain will start to fade and ceci will regain the strength she lost.

I’m doing dressing changes every 2 days on sis and am keeping a close eye on her site. The top of her back has been healing beautifully but the bottom is concerning us all.

Her skin is very tight and she nearly didn’t have enough to close so her doctor needed to place 2 sets of stitches plus use dermabond to glue everything together.

We head back to Peoria this Wednesday for her 1st surgical follow up appointment with Dr. Akeson. She’ll have her first set of spinal xrays to make sure everything’s healing the way we need and he’ll also see if she can have the top layer of stitches removed from the lower part of her incision.

We will also discuss when she needs to begin physical therapy.

We heard back from the school district today and they’ve assigned Ceci the same wonderful tutor she had for the last 2 months of school last year.

Since she’s only able to get out of bed 2-3 hours a day right now we’re going to push back her schooling by a few weeks and start on the 26th.

She’s frustrated like heck that she’s missing school again but understands it’s what she needs right now. She doesn’t have the strength yet and already comprised immune system took another hit.

We are heading back to see her pediatrician next week as well and I’m going to ask him to check Ceci’s thyroid panel. We know she has iron deficient anemia but the past month her hair has been a concern too. Her hair is falling out in handfuls everytime we brush it or play with it. It’s been going on for a month but it’s getting worse the past few weeks.

Ceci’s currently out of her bed, sitting up in her brace and wheelchair watching The Fosters on Netflix. It’s another one of her favorites of course, after Stranger Things šŸ˜

We’re going on hour 2 of sitting up and she’s doing good. She ate some cinnamon French toast sticks and drank some chocolate milk. šŸ™Œ yayyy she’s finally beging to eat like herself again. It’s been a battle but it’s getting better.

We have some Cheer Mail Thank Yous we need to send šŸ’œā¤šŸ’œšŸ’™

šŸ’™ Thank you so much Auntie Kathleen for these awesome shark shirts for the Aiden and Nicholas. They love them so much šŸ„°
ā¤ Cathy thank you so much for sending Ceci this sweet card and the gifts šŸ˜
šŸ’œ Grandma Laney thank you so much for sending Ceci the sweet card and gift šŸ„°
ā¤ Kathy thank you so much for helping us with these much needed bandages for Ceci’s back. They help so much šŸ˜

Another big thank you to our friend Johnny H. for supporting our family by making a donation to our GoFundMe campaign to help Ceci and our family get through this tough time.

Your donation will help our family with gas money next week for our trip back to Peoria.

Thank you Dear friend ā¤

We want to send another huge thank you to our anonymous donor that made a donation to our GoFundMe campaign to help us pay our utility bill this month.

It helps so very much right now. Thank you šŸ’œ

Ceci and our family are eternally grateful to our Courage Crew and prayer angels for all the love and support we’ve been shown.

We’re eternally grateful to have such loving and caring friends in our lives.

Thank you for staying by our side and fighting Ceci Strong with her šŸ„°

Well I’m going to run for now. But I’ll be back soon with another update.

Hopefully I’ll have nothing but more good news to share.

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Ceci and our special family šŸ’œ

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~

Ceci’s Medical Wish List-

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