Heading back to Children’s Hospital of Illinois

In about 20 minutes Ceci is going to be taken by another ambulance back to Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria.

Her blood counts are showing elevated swelling markers and her pain has been very bad.

There’s concern that she may have an infection and that the lower part of her incision will not hold together.

I’m going to follow behind the ambulance in our van.

As soon as we know more I’ll update again.

Please continue sending prayers up and good thoughts out for sissy girl.

Please ask everyone to pray- that we caught this early and she won’t end up with meningitis or another serious infection.

She’s frustrated that we are going back and with this intensified pain 😭😭😭 and our family is very worried.

Thank you for all your concern and support.

Campaign to help:


Ceci’s Cafe -Invented 😍

Ceci, Aiden and Nicholas LOVED all the goodies 🧁 You guys motivated her to eat, something we’ve been struggling with.

😁 Thursday my wonderful co- workers and friends at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, came up with the sweetest idea for fundraising to help Ceci and our family and we had to share. ❤

They created—

🎗 Ceci’s Cafe 🎗

We are very thankful for their kindness and Ceci was tickled by the name of the Campaign as I was 😁

Thursday they had a Bake Sale at work and the amazing people I work with raised over $400.00 to help Ceci and our family with medical supplies, medication expenses, gas expenses, and my loss of income while I’m out of leave.

This will help our family tremendously. ❤❤❤

Thank you very much to everyone that made the delicious goodies (Ceci, Aiden and Nicholas loved the treats), worked the bake sale, helped spread our story, and donated.

We are very grateful and thankful for all your kindness.

I’m very proud to be part of an amazing company that does so much to take care of each other.

Thank You MVRBC Family 💜💜💜