Better Night ❤❤❤

Ceci is back from surgery and is doing okay 😌

She’s having a hard time keeping her oxygen level where it needs to be, but that’s been happening with the last few surgeries so she’ll probably just need a little oxygen through the night.

I want to post a long post about the surgery but we’re both beat and we’re ready to sleep.

So I’ll post a full update first thing in the morning.


But I’m happy to report the prayers and good thoughts are beginning to work!


She’s finally starting to get better.

Resting peacefully

Ceci had a painful morning to the point that they had to give her another iv dose of morphin to allow her to rest.

Ever since she’s been fast asleep.

Her body is exhausted, along with her mind and spirit.

In a few short hours she’ll be heading back into the operating room for yet another surgery- this is #3 in less than 30 days 🥺 and 58th for our sweet girl.

Please share this post and ask for everyone you know to send up good thoughts, prayers and love that this will be the last surgery she needs for awhile and that we have a positive outcome.

Thank you for sharing her story.