Sleeping the Pain Away

Sorry for the lack of an update today guys, it has been a very hard emotional day. 😭

Ceci’s pain has been high and hard to control and continuing to involve her stomach.

We are day 3 of her having to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) and she’s very upset about this. Her appetites returned and in her words she’s starving 😞

Her stomach is still very distended and hard. The wound on her side that still has not healed since her hospitalization in April, is actually helping right now because some of the gas has started to evacuate from there (it will help her tummy go down) but due to how bad her tummy is distended the hole has gotten bigger 😫 Nothing we can do about it now, but it’ll be addressed later this year with another surgery.

Emotionally our girl is completely exhausted.

She wants to go home so badly and finish recovering and healing in her own bed. She misses her dad and brothers very much and she wants to be and to go to school.

It’s Day 27, we’re almost a month in and she was only able to go home for 5 days 😞

Tonight Ceci had a break down and honestly if I was going through even HALF of what she is, I would have lost it weeks ago.

Watching Ceci who is so strong and has a positive outlook on life and everything else about 99% of the time- break into sobs was heart wrenching for me.

We ended up both having a much needed cry 😭😭 and her dad was the only one who could talk her through it and make her feel better. She was on the phone with him for a long time and afterwards her spirit was doing better.

Of course then the pain returned.

So her wonderful nurse brought in another dose of pain medications and an iv muscle relaxer to calm her body.

We helped by rolling her onto her side to prevent further skin break down on her back, propped a bunch of pillows around her and then she was sleeping again.

She’s slept most of the day away and I’m glad this awful day is almost over 😖

Please continue praying for Ceci for pain relief, healing and the courage to continue fighting strong.

Tomorrow’s a new day and we’re hopeful it’ll be much better than today.

Be back soon.

Lots of love and hugs,

Alexis, Cecilia Marie and our Special Family 💜

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