Need your Help Please

Hi dear followers and friends πŸ’œ
Could I ask a big favor from everyone please.

Could everyone click on the link below and hit share at the bottom of the post and help Ceci and our Family, by sharing her story, our wish for more prayers and our families need for help.

😞πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜« we do not like asking for help, but last week I had to ask for another 4 week’s (I’ve already taken 5) of unpaid leave off from my fulltime job to care for mommas.

She has a long road to recovery and I need to stay by our baby girls side.
Maybe we can get this story trending, if shared a bit and GoFundMe might share it for all to see πŸ₯°

It’s been shared 540 times as of this morning. Can we make it 600 by this evening?

I know we can do it! We’re #TeamCeciStrong

Also, if anyone would be interested in becoming a Team Member for Ceci’s GoFundMe, please let me know 😊