Out of Surgery

Ceci is out of surgery and back to her room.

Dr Linn reopened the wound from her bottom to above L-5 and could not find a problem in the dura causing a leak, but he did find a large collection of unknown dark fluid.

He took cultures of the fluid and then suctioned it out and cleaned it very well.

He then opened her Dura and performed her 3rd spinal cord deteethering.

He closed the surgical site as best as he could, but we still do not know if it will hold together.

Another wound vac was placed on top to try to keep it together along with compression dressings.

The next week will show us if she’s getting better.

Repeat lab work early in the morning.

She’s needing oxygen again after coming out of surgery, but we’re hoping with the big fluid collection being removed off of her spinal cord her breathing will improve.

Hoping SO VERY HARD, that we’re finally moving in the right direction.

This has all been too much 😖

Update again soon.

Lots of love, hugs and appreciation,
Alexis, Cecilia Marie and Our Special Family 💜

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~


Day 36

Change of plans- Ceci is going into surgery with Neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery soon to reopen her back.

We just got the call surgery is coming to get her now.

Her CRP is higher and her hemoglobin lower 😭

They are going to explore for these leaks, drain the infection, deteether her spinal cord, collect wound cultures, and take photos for plastics.

They aren’t sure what’s going to happen when they get in to be honest 😖

She should be in surgery 3-4 hours.

Please please please- pray for Cecilia hard and loud.

She needs our Lord’s protection and guidance for the surgical team as they work hard to figure out why our girl is so sick.

I’m very scared right now…..

Please lord heal my baby girl 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏