Family Fun at Finn’s and Elevate Too

Uncle Nathan and Uncle Michael

Thankful for these 2 men right here 😊💙

This is Nathan and Michael, 2 of my younger brothers and the kid’s uncles.

They brought super big smiles to Ceci, Aiden and Nicky’s faces this past week and I’m very grateful.

Thursday night Uncle Mike invited the kids and I out for am evening of fun, at the best place ever!!! (the kid’s words) Finn’s Fun Spot.

We had dinner together and they played for hours on the pinball machines, arcade games, air hockey and and ball blasters.

They really enjoyed spending time with him and another big perk for me 😁 was they were exhausted and ready for bed when we got home.

Thank you for always being there for them and loving them so much Mikey! 🥰

If your local and haven’t been by for a visit, you should check it out! It’s a wonderfully, family owned business and everyone’s very sweet. The prices are wonderful as well.

Truly one of our family’s favorite places to play and eat.


Then the kids received another big surprise yesterday.

Uncle Nate Invited them to a day of trampoline fun at Elevate trampoline park 😊🥰

The boys were super excited to spend time with their uncle and cousin and to jump out their little hearts.

And Ceci and I were excited about having some girl time to ourselves.

We went grocery shopping and browsed all the new tech stuff at Walmart along with her favorite thing in the world- SLIME.

Then we enjoyed dinner and some quiet time with just dad, her and I. She loves her little brothers very much but says sometimes the quiet is nice too 😊

Uncle Nate took our little guys out to dinner and then back to his house to play with their cousins after the trampoline park. We picked them up later yesterday evening and sis was able to go with me. She was super excited about that!

Her uncle Nate has a beautiful 7 month old German Shepherd girl named Bella that sis adores. So she was beside herself that she was able to come out to our van for a visit.

It was a wonderful Saturday 🥰

Thank you Uncle Nate for bringing all 3 of them smiles this weekend. Your so sweet little brother 💙

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!!!

We hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend.

We’re rooting for the Chiefs today, since none of our teams made it to the superbowl this year.

We’d love to hear who your rooting for in the comments 🏈🏈🏈🏆🏆🏆