Heading Back on the Road Again 🏥

Good morning everyone, mom here 😊

Hope everyone had a good time watching the superbowl with family and friends last night.

We enjoyed having all the kids together and our grandbaby. Our oldest grand baby was with his dad but we did have little man spend the night with us on Friday night 😁

We’re getting ready to jump on the interstate once more, for Ceci’s next appointments back at Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria.

I need to grab a big cup of coffee, gas up the van and we’ll be ready to go.

Please pray for nothing but good news and safe travels for sis and I.

Be back sooner than later!

Lots of love and hugs,
Alexis, Cecilia Marie and Our Special family 💜

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~

P.s.- Dearest Shayne thank you for sending Ceci this cheer mail 🥰 She was very happy to see mail in her name and loved the sweet card and your words. Thank you Friend 🥰