Nearly 8pm

I wish I could say that Ceci’s resting peacefully but not the case 🤒

She’s been sleeping here and there but once the pain and fever medication wears down she’s awake and miserable.

There’s been some delays with her transfer so we’re still an hour and a half away from Children’s Hospital.

They gave Cec 2- 1,000 ml fluid Bolus’s with her antibiotics but she’s still not good.

Her bp is 138/102 and her heart rate is riding the 140’s. So they are increasing her fluids again.

As of now the ambulances ETA is 8:15. So hopefully we’ll have her in Peoria before midnight.

We don’t need our girl getting critical. The wonderful nurses here are pushing to get her transferred asap.

Thank you for all your kind messages, prayers and support.

EMT is on the way

EMT is on it’s way to our local hospital to get sis 🚑🚑🚑

Ceci’s being transported to Children’s Hospital in Peoria because the Emergency Room Doctor believes she has a port line infection.

They’ve de-accessed her port and with the help of the PIC team and an ultrasound they were able to place a deep vein IV to get her on fluids and start wide spectrum iv antibiotics.

The huge worry is- has the infection spread to her blood stream?!?!

Ceci never fevers 🤒 so her temp being over 102 is dangerous.

Please pray for safe travels for us both and that they can get Ceci’s pain under control.

I’m going to drive behind the ambulance, with Ceci’s power wheelchair in our van.

I’ll update more soon.

Please keep your prayers and good thoughts coming for comfort for sis.

Lots of love and hugs,
Alexis (mom), Cecilia Marie and Our Special Family 💜

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor~




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Heading to the Emergency Department

Can’t update much right now, but Ceci could really use some of that Prayer Magic from all of her Courageous Crew today.

We’re getting ready to head to the Emergency Department shortly.

Since 11pm she’s been running high fevers, has chills, horrible head pain, and her entire body hurts.

Her iv pump went out at 3am so it caused a load of issues but thankfully one of the wonderful nurses from Unity Point at home was kind enough to bring a loaner pump to prevent her from having to head to the hospital at 3am.

Please pray it’s not Influenza or a port line infection 😥

Last year influenza A put her in the hopsital for 2 weeks.