Day 4

Smile Ceci 😉

Good morning dear friends,  Mom here. 

Thank you for continuing to push up prayers to heaven for Ceci. Our almighty and his angels are looking after our girl 😊

I’m so happy to say that Ceci’s physical outer appearance is very much better! Her color has returned and she’s awake and smiling again. 

Although we received bad news on her continuing blood culture results, this is something to give us Hope. And that’s something we needed. 

Her 3rd set of blood cultures are still reporting high amounts of blood poisoning. So her teams are working hard to do everything in their power to get our girl healthy again. 

We are hoping we will have susceptibilty reports back by this afternoon, so we know for certain that we are using the correct combination of iv antibiotics to rid her body of this bacteremia.

We are praying hard that is isn’t MRSA.

Her labs reported some other issues with her blood work.  Her CRP continues to rise,  her magnesium is low and her phosphates are also low. 

So the teams are watching her closely and are going to give her some fluids to get these levels back where they need to be. 

Urology and Nephrogy have joined the team along with Infections Disease, Pediatrics and wound care. 

For now we continue to wait. 

If her blood cultures continue to grow bacteria in the next day or two,  we’ve been told sis may be heading into surgery to have her Port removed and a PIC line placed. 

There’s concern of course that the bacteria may be colonized on her port and the antibiotics will not help until its out. We really hope that’s not the case. 

This port was replaced in August and it’s been working so well.

Doctor is here so I have to run.

Lots of love and hugs,
Alexis,  Cecilia Marie and Our Special Family 💜

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~

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