Chess Tournament

Good morning guys, momma here. Ceci did well during the night 🙂 she had some pvc’s but nothing too concerning. So at this point they do not think we need to get Cardiology involved. That’s news we needed!

She slept so long after the anesthesia from surgery that we stayed up late last night enjoying some time together.

After being NPO all day she actually had an appetite so her daddy went to Papa John’s before he left and got her favorite- cheese pizza.

He also ran to Walmart and got sis Checkers (one of her favorite games) and chess pieces were included. So we taught ourselves how to play and ended up having a nice tournament. This kiddo caught on quickly and we played for a few hours.

We plan on having another tournament tonight along with an Uno challenge- her all time favorite game 😁 child life was kind enough to track down a deck of Uno cards for us.

Since we found the source of infection yesterday in surgery and was able to clear it from her chest, infectious disease has restarted the infection treatment clock.

So even though we’ve been here for nearly a week getting around the clock antibiotics, tomorrow will be day 1 of treating this blood stream infection. She’ll get at least 2 more weeks of iv antibiotics.

We need 2 negative blood cultures in order to say that the treatment is working. They brought in the critical care team today and an ultrasound machine to drawn more blood cultures and labs from her arm. Our girls veins are just so shot they needed the help locating a viable vein to stick. So happy to say only 1 needle point thanks to the wonderful machine.

Knocking on wood right now- we’re very happy to say her deep peripheral line held through the night 🙂 thank you lord! Only another 2 nights until her PIC line is placed on Monday.

Ceci has an amazing nurse an be tech working today so I’m driving home shortly to grab a few things and see our boys. Then coming back up.

Please continue to pray for a quiet weekend.

Lots of love, hugs and appreciation to you all,

Alexis, Cecilia Marie and Our Special Family 💜

~Spina Bifida Fighters and Survivor ~

Support to help with Ceci’s Medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance,  and expenses related to mommas hospital stay-
Verification code- 5931

Send Cecilia Padilla an Email of love and support @

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