Day 9

Ceci has received so much cheer Mail 💌

Thank you so much for showing her so much love ya’ll! You brought so much love to her heart and smiles to her face 🥰😄😘

Ceci is doing well today. She’s sitting up in her Wheelchair watching Pitch Perfect 3 and just finished her dinner. Her dad came by to visit and brought her Freddy’s for Dinner. Brought some of her favorites- cheese curds and a chicken sandwich.

Ceci’s been dropping weight and having some difficulty eating because of how sick she was and the strong antibiotics. She’s lost nearly 10lbs so they have been doing calorie counts and pushing Ensure. It was wonderful seeing her eat well this evening. I’m sure getting to see her daddy helped with that a little.

Ceci is getting her iv Zosyn continously now instead of every 6 hours now. She’ll continue to get it for another 10 days to ensure her body is rid of the bacteriema. But things are heading in the right direction.

We’ve received 3 negative blood cultures now and her labs are stabilizing. Her liver enzymes were 3 times higher than normal but they are coming down too so that’s good to see.

The greatest news is that her Echocardiogram came back clean! No infection around her heart and the valves are all functioning well. Thank goodness 😊 We were so worried about that.

We’ll continue to stay here at Iowa City Stead family hospital until things are stabilized.

And Monday brings ahead a day of surgeries for our girl.

We just aren’t sure the entire plan yet. All of the departments will be getting together for a conference of her health and what will be best for sissy. We can’t have this happen again 😔 she’s been fighting infections for so long.

Prayers that we have a full game plan soon.

Thank you so much to everyone continuing to walk with us on this journey. And for keeping Ceci and our family in your hearts.

Ill be back soon.

Lots of love and hugs,
Alexis, Cecilia Marie and Our Special Family 💜