October 13 Update

Afternoon everyone, Mom here.

Sorry I did not have a chance to update again last night. I hope I didn’t make ya’ll worry too much. I know how much you guys care for our gal 💜

It was a very long and hard day. Originally we all thought it would be a 3-5 hour surgery but it ended up being 8 hours.

We had a hard time getting her pain under control and she was exhausted by the time we did, and fell asleep. I was so exhausted from worry I fell asleep with her.

Today is hard. She has a midline incision from the bottom of her breast bone to below her belly button and many other incisions.

She’s in a lot of pain and is worn out physically and mentally 😔

We had to turn her shortly ago to check a wound on her back and it was over the top pain for sissy even with the pain pump. My heart is torn in half hearing her scream like that.

She’s resting again and we’ve asked that they place a do not disturb sign on her door so she can sleep.

She is able to finally take a few sips of water but as you can imagine she’s not too interested.

Today is going to be a day of rest for her. She has powerful antibiotics still running through her picc that are wearing her down, she has other pain and inflammation medications running through another deep vein line and she has her pain pump running too. So she can barely keep her eyes open.

I just want our girl to heal and rest now. She needs a break from all this! She’s so tired and our family is tired too. We miss each so much.

Prayers for infection free healing, that we can control this intense pain for sissy and that she’s feeling like her beautiful, smiling self again.

I just want to also say thank you to our dear friends that have been sending Ceci cheer Mail, cards, get well packages, showing support to our family through our Venmo for gas, food and medical expenses and sending items from our Amazon wish list to help support Ceci and our family during this rough time.

Mean more than I can say 💟