Follow our family’s journey as we share our medical and personal adventure with our 14 year old princess Cecilia Marie- our Spina Bifida fighter and survivor.

Our family includes myself- Ceci’s momma (Alexis), Ceci’s dad (Shawn), her 23 year old brother (Mike), her 25 year old sister (Josie), her 9 year old brother (Aiden), and her 7 year old brother (Nicholas).

Ceci is a beautiful bright girl who has battled more in her young life than most, but always has a positive perspective on life and a sparkling smile on her face to back it up.

Ceci’s medical diagnoses include Myelomeningocele L3-4 (Spina Bifida ), hydrocephulas, Arnold chiari malformation II, scoliosis, Lorodosis, paralysis and loss of sensation in her lower extremities, neurogenic bladder and bowel, Gerd, osteoporosis in her lower extremities causing over 25 fractures and breaks and short term memory loss.

To date our fighter has had 55 surgeries from brain surgeries to hip surgeries and many more.

Our life isn’t typical but that’s okay because we’re fighters & there’s lots of 💜